Strategic planning is clear intentionally designed action.

What are we doing? Why are we doing it?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

     How do I go from reactive planning to proactive planning?
     Do I really need a strategic plan?
     How will my business grow and thrive?
     Where should I invest my hard-earned capital dollars?
     Should we develop a new product?  What’s the right product?
     Do we have the right people in the right jobs?

McGraw Consulting Group provides a full range of strategic planning services to help you answer these questions and more.

  • Business Case Development. Define and develop financial plans and supporting presentations.
  • Business Operation Analysis. Detailed operation review, find opportunities, design solutions, and carry out changes.
  • Financial Planning & Analysis. Top-down, bottom-up financial planning, budgeting, analysis, reporting and cash flow improvement.
  • Marketing Assessments. Create strategic vision and focus, determine product offering, pricing and go-to-market strategy.
  • Organizational Alignment. Get everyone on the same page and create an environment for success.
  • Strategic Partnerships. Cut cost structure and improve speed to market.  Our team is well versed in structuring mutually beneficial partnerships.  Our services include partner evaluation, choice, deal construct, contract negotiation, and performance management.

Client Testimonials:

“David has the unique ability to analyze complex business issues, develop critical strategies, and provide support to implementation. He brings a critical focus to operations, and contributes from the very outset.”
– Brad Richards, EVP, Sales and Marketing at SkyTel

“I’ve worked with David on and off for the last two years. He’s honest, forthright and pretty darn smart! He understands the social media world; he’s a heck of a businessman, and I greatly value his counsel.”   – Kelley Rickenbaker  CEO, EVNN Digital Media Services

“Dave looks at what everyone else looks at and sees what no one else sees. He improves every idea and project that he touches.”    – Dr. Joel Swerdlow, Professor, Author, Sr. Policy Advisor American Clean Skies Foundation

“Dave is a multi-talented and passionate worker who is a pleasure to work with. He is capable of taking an overwhelming amount of information and narrow it down to something focused and useful. Not only can Dave keep our budgets on track, but he can also step in and take a corporation’s tangled financial mess and make sense of it. Dave also goes above and beyond to find other ways to help the organization in areas outside of money and numbers. His guidance on social media initiatives and personnel issues, as well as advice on the overall direction of the company, was invaluable.”  – Hardy Spire General Manager, EnergyNow

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