We already know our future

Warning: Don’t believe this following statement unless you want to flourish.

We already know our future if we don’t continually take proactive action.

Our economic well-being demands perpetual reinvention. As the old saying goes, reinvent or die. This is no longer a fancy tagline; it is required action to survive and succeed in today’s economic climate.

The days are long gone when a company could create a product and reap the rewards of its success for years. Present-day examples are all around you.

  • Facebook was king of the castle, and Twitter was the knight in shiny armor. Now there’s Snapchat. Remember MySpace? Me neither.
  • Flip Camera ruled the pocket video cam game. Now, your smartphone does.
  • Mobile Apps replaced websites and higher costs software programs.
  • AI software is being introduced and changing the landscape.

The list goes on and on. Product shelf lives are shrinking at a rapid pace.

New bright shiny objects capture the consumer’s attention faster than a speeding bullet. Blink and the next attraction will be on the horizon. The masses will flock and cast aside what they once loved and cherished in favor of the new promised life-altering product.

We already know our future if we don’t continually reinvent ourselves.

Future Certainty

This concept does not stop at products; it extends into who you are and what you want to be.

Look around at your co-workers, family, and friends. How many of them are doing jobs they are classically trained to do? Are they highly skilled at their job, or do they reside in a different area of expertise? Are they satisfied and happy?

Chances are, these people are like most of the people I encounter daily. They are playing a role in their organization to survive, not thrive.

We can live a meaningful life by continually reinventing ourselves.

Just like products run their course, so do our roles in life. We know our current position will come to an end.

Will we be ready when our new role emerges? Will it provide the deep personal meaning we are looking for?

We know everything we need right now to guess where things are reasonably headed.

Are you ready to reinvent?